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Buddhism for Beginners

  • Author: Tai Morello
  • Release Date : 2017-04-19
  • Genre: Buddhism
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Mindfulness meditation is everywhere these days, from the therapy couch to the Google campus, from prisons to athletic events. But what are the origins of this surge in mindfulness? What kind of worldview and lifestyle went along with these ancient techniques of meditative training? And, beyond the questionable metaphysics and well-worn pop-psychology bromides, what is meditation actually for?This book explores the Buddhist ideas behind the mindfulness techniques that have seen such a groundswell of popularity. It covers meditation not just as a body of techniques for relaxation and stress relief to accessorize our busy modern lives, but as part of a radical system of self-transformation that offers the possibility of profound liberation....

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Buddhism For Beginners

  • Author: Jose Allen
  • Release Date : 2014-10-11
  • Genre: Buddhism
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Buddhism: Beginner Guide To The Path Of Buddhism is the beginningteachings of what it means to be a Buddhist and what a Buddhistbelieves and practices. By having a fundamental understanding of the Buddhism Daily Practice,we can understand what its practice means to us and how we live ourlives. Take a moment and try to envision where you would like to bespiritually. Will the concept of Buddhism help you reach that?Here is A Preview Of What You'll Learn Inside...• The First Buddha and What His Lessons Were• Buddhism in the World• Engaging in Buddhism to Clear Your Mind• Don’t I Already Do These Things?• The Components of Buddhism• Leaving the Past Behind and Not Focusing on the Future• Bonus• Much, much more!...