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Give Me Liberty

  • Author: L. M. Elliott
  • Release Date : 2009-04-14
  • Genre: Historical
  • File Size: 1323729 Bytes

An exciting novel for tweens that captures the dawn of the American Revolution.Life is tough for thirteen-year-old Nathaniel Dunn, an indentured servant in colonial Virginia. Then in a twist of luck, he meets Basil, a kind schoolmaster, and an arrangement is struck lending Nathaniel's labor to a Williamsburg carriage maker. Basil introduces Nathaniel to music, books, and philosophies that open his mind to new attitudes about equality.The year is 1775, and as colonists voice their rage over England's taxation, Patrick Henry's words "give me liberty, or give me death" become the sounding call for action. Should Nathaniel and Basil join the fight? What is the meaning of "liberty" in a country reliant on indentured servants and slaves? Nathaniel must fac...

Give Me Liberty

  • Author: Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker
  • Release Date : 1966-01-01
  • Genre: United States
  • File Size: 709130 Bytes

None of the American colonies "will ever submit to the loss of those valuable rights and privileges which are essential to the happiness of every free state", George Washington wrote in October, 1774. Perhaps the British officer to whom he made this statement was startled to have him speak of the colonies as free. Yet at the time the American people were the freest in the world, freer even than the people of England. It was to defend this freedom, not to gain new rights, that the colonists rebelled against Great Britain. For decades they had been governing themselves, so when the British Ministry tried to govern them from London, they would not submit....