Introducing Psychology

  • Author: Nigel Benson
  • Release Date : 2014-06-05
  • Genre: Psychology
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What is psychology? When did it begin? Where did it come from? How does psychology compare with related subjects such as psychiatry and psychotherapy? To what extent is it scientific? Introducing Psychology answers all these questions and more, explaining what the subject has been in the past and what it is now. The main "schools" of thought and the sections within psychology are described, including Introspection, Biopsychology, Psychoanalysis, Behaviourism, Comparative (Animal) Psychology, Cognitive Approaches (including the Gestalt movement), Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology and Humanism. The key figures covered include: Freud, Pavlov, Skinner, Bandura, Piaget, Bowlby, Maslow and Rogers, as well as many lesser-known but important psych...

Introducing NLP

  • Author: Joseph O'Connor & John Seymour
  • Release Date : 2011-05-01
  • Genre: Psychology
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Some people appear more gifted than others. NLP, one of the fastest growing developments in applied psychology, describes in simple terms what they do differently, and enables you to learn these patterns of excellence.Introducing NLP by Joseph O’Connor, a leading international NLP trainer and the author of NLP Workbook, offers the practical skills used by outstanding communicators. Excellent communication is the basis of creating excellent results. NLP skills are proving invaluable for personal development and professional excellence in counseling, education and business.Introducing NLP includes: • How to create rapport with others • Influencing skills • Understanding and using body language • How to think about and achieve the ...