Who Am I?

  • Author: Tim Flach
  • Release Date : 2019-11-12
  • Genre: Animals
  • File Size: 73527289 Bytes

Gorgeous nature photography introduces readers to endangered species in this picture book from Tim Flach   Who is that peeking through the page? Is it a giant panda munching on bamboo? Or perhaps a yellow-eyed tree frog hiding in a tropical forest? Who Am I? uses clever riddles and stunning images by esteemed photographer Tim Flach (taken from his Abrams adult book Endangered) to introduce ten vital species-at-risk to readers. With its engaging and timely message, this beautifully crafted picture book is perfect for the youngest animal enthusiasts.  ...

Who Let the Blogs Out?

  • Author: Biz Stone
  • Release Date : 2014-03-11
  • Genre: Internet
  • File Size: 673696 Bytes

Blogs--or weblogs--are a huge phenomenon on the internet. From ultra-personal diary entries to specialized information on a wide variety of subjects (teen ranting to presidential campaigns), blogs are the new way to create a virtual community that can effect real-world change. It's not hard to set up a blog, but it can be difficult adjusting to life in the "Blogosphere." One of the first blogging experts, who helped found the weblog community Xanga, Biz Stone will help readers:--learn the origins of blogging--discover why blogging is so popular--explore the etiquette of the blogosphere--bring traffic to a blog--make money by blogging--use a blog to become influential in any industry--maintain a blog and keep it freshWith internet heavies like AOL, Mi...