Book of Five-Minute Kitten Tales

  • Author: Nicola Baxter
  • Release Date : 2012-12-20
  • Genre: Animals
  • File Size: 18968626 Bytes

There is something for everyone in this enchanting collection of kitten tales. The stories are just the right length for bedtime reading, with accessible language and pretty pictures that will keep small children entertained as you read together. When a mother cat has five little kittens to take care of, she certainly has her paws full! She just can’t keep her eyes on all of them at once. In these exciting and amusing adventures, Tiger Tail tears his trousers, George frightens his classmates with his worm collection, Bella floats off on an unexpected balloon ride, clumsy cousin Pickles causes chaos, Honeybun loses a letter, and Father Cat tries to grow a prize pumpkin. Children and parents alike will enjoy reading about the disasters and delights o...

Palace Pets: Beauty: Aurora's Sleepy Kitten

  • Author: Disney Books
  • Release Date : 2014-11-11
  • Genre: Animals
  • File Size: 2834503 Bytes

Beauty is a sweet kitty who loves to sleep, snuggle, and play with her best friend, Princess Aurora. Kids will love getting to know one of the Disney princesses' new friends in this book, the first in a series of early chapter books featuring the Palace Pets!...