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The Constitution of the United States

  • Author: James Montgomery Beck
  • Release Date : 1936-04-12
  • Genre: Law
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This book is a result of three lectures, which were delivered in the Hall of Gray's Inn, London, on June 13, 15, and 19, 1922, respectively, under the auspices and on the invitation of the University of London. The invitation originated with the University of Manchester, which, through its then Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Ramsay Muir, two years ago graciously invited me to visit Manchester and explain American political institutions to the undergraduates. Subsequently I was greatly honoured when the Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh and London joined in the invitation....

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The Constitution

  • Author: Library of Congress
  • Release Date : 2015-08-31
  • Genre: United States
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This Library of Congress Student Discovery Set is here to put history into your hands. It brings together historical artifacts and one-of-a-kind documents from the collections of the Library of Congress. Interactive tools let you zoom in for close examination, draw to highlight interesting details, and make notes about what you discover. There’s no single right answer, only new discoveries to be made. Over fifty delegates met in Philadelphia in May 1787. They left four months later with a design for a new form of government—the Constitution of the United States. This set follows many of the drafts and debates that brought the Constitution and the Bill of Rights into being, including newspaper articles and notes by the documents’ framers. This s...