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The Night Stalker

  • Author: Robert Bryndza
  • Release Date : 2016-06-02
  • Genre: Police Procedural
  • File Size: 2323782 Bytes

If the Night Stalker is watching, you’re already dead…  In the dead of a swelteringly hot summer’s night, Detective Erika Foster is called to a murder scene. The victim, a doctor, is found suffocated in bed. His wrists are bound and his eyes bulging through a clear plastic bag tied tight over his head.  A few days later, another victim is found dead, in exactly the same circumstances. As Erika and her team start digging deeper, they discover a calculated serial killer – stalking their victims before choosing the right moment to strike.  The victims are all single men, with very private lives. Why are their pasts shrouded in secrecy? And what links them to the killer?  As a heat wave descends upon London, Erika will do ever...

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The Night Stalker

  • Author: Philip Carlo
  • Release Date : 2016-08-30
  • Genre: True Crime
  • File Size: 2784200 Bytes

“I couldn’t put the book down…very scary indeed.” —Los Angeles Times The Classic Account Of One Of The World’s Most Feared Serial Killers Decades after Richard Ramirez left thirteen dead and paralyzed the city of Los Angeles, his name is still synonymous with fear, torture, and sadistic murder. Philip Carlo’s classic The Night Stalker, based on years of meticulous research and extensive interviews with Ramirez, revealed the killer and his horrifying crimes to be even more chilling than anyone could have imagined. From watching his cousin commit murder at age eleven to his nineteen death sentences to the juror who fell in love with him, the story of Ramirez is a bizarre and spellbinding descent into the very heart of human evil. Inc...