Score: 4.5
From 50 Ratings

The Secret History of Twin Peaks

  • Author: Mark Frost
  • Release Date : 2016-10-18
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers
  • File Size: 112628891 Bytes

From the co-creator of the landmark series, the story millions of fans have been waiting to get their hands on for 25 long years.The Secret History of Twin Peaks enlarges the world of the original series, placing the unexplained phenomena that unfolded there into a vastly layered, wide-ranging history, beginning with the journals of Lewis and Clark and ending with the shocking events that closed the finale. The perfect way to get in the mood for the upcoming Showtime series....

Score: 4.5
From 45 Ratings

The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer

  • Author: Jennifer Lynch
  • Release Date : 2011-12-06
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature
  • File Size: 3858659 Bytes

Laura Palmer was introduced to television audiences in the opening scenes of "Twin Peaks"--as a beautiful dead girl, wrapped in plastic. Now available in print for the first time in many years (and in e-book for the very first time!), THE SECRET DIARY OF LAURA PALMER chronicles Laura's life from age 12 to her death at 17, and is filled with secrets, character references, and even clues to the identity of her eventual killer.  Fans of the show will love seeing their favorite characters again, and Laura's diary makes compelling reading as she turns from a naive freshman having her first kiss to a "bad girl" experimenting with drugs, sex and the occult."As seen by" Jennifer Lynch, creator David Lynch's daughter, THE SECRET DIARY OF LAURA PALMER is ...