The Temptation Trap

  • Author: Catherine George
  • Release Date : 2011-06-20
  • Genre: Romance
  • File Size: 703429 Bytes

The Charmer...Ewen Fraser's rakish reputation went before him—Rosanna had read the newspapers, and could see with her own eyes his collection of girlfriends, past and present...The Charmed ...But that didn't stop her falling for him—he was funny, tender, warm and sexy, and working closely with him was a joy...The Trap...Rosanna was tempted. Ewen was all that she'd ever wanted, but could she trust her instincts when they told her that Ewen, the infamous lover-and-leaver, had marriage at heart after all?...

Score: 4.5
From 9 Ratings

The Pussy Trap 3: Death by Temptation

  • Author: NeNe Capri
  • Release Date : 2017-04-03
  • Genre: African American
  • File Size: 1159184 Bytes

Fear, Grief and pain . . . the perfect mixture for the deadly cocktail that drives KoKo head first into danger as she tries to hold onto her throne. Betrayal, distrust and a struggle for power almost destroys all that she has built. Kayson is back on the scene and refuses to bow to anyone. The power is up for grabs and there are many hands in the pot. There s a boss that will live to the end, but who will succumb to The Pussy Trap's Death by Temptation?...